SteamWorld Heist

As many of you are likely aware, SteamWorld Dig is due to receive a sequel in the near future. Taking a vastly different approach than the Metroidvania-esque gameplay of the first game, SteamWorld Heist is an interesting shooter/turn based strategy hybrid that carries a lot of promise with its spacefaring setting. It's a release that we're definitely looking forward to, and if we're lucky, it'll be releasing before the year is out.

Gamer Professionals recently conducted an interview with Brjánn Sigurgeirsson – the CEO of Image & Form – and a question naturally arose about the game's release date. Unfortunately, Sigurgeirsson didn't have a firm date to announce, but he did say that they are aiming for an early December release. Here's the quote:

Our goal is to aim for a release in early December… but I won't make promises.

Hopefully they can hit this window, as this would be an excellent pre-Holiday treat. Here's a video of the game in action from this year's PAX:

What do you think? Will this be better than Dig? Where do you think the series will go next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.