Robo boogie

Remember Project Giant Robot? It was shown off at last year's E3 but has dropped off the radar entirely since then, which has made some - us included - fear for its future.

However, Nintendo has outlined its 2015 software plans and Project Giant Robot is still in there - and we may get to play it sooner than you think.

According to Nintendo, the game will launch in the "first half of the year" in the West - which means it should be out sometime in the next 7 weeks.

Designed to show off the Wii U GamePad's potential, Project Giant Robot is one of Shigeru Miyamoto's latest experiments and has you building various mechs and taking them into battle, with the GamePad's motion controls and analogue sticks all coming into play.

We got to have a brief play last year and found it enjoyable, if a bit clunky and limited - but there's every chance that Nintendo has refined the experience since then.