Super Mario Maker has been out for a while now and we've already seen an impressive number of user-generated stages for players to tackle. So many in fact that it's often hard to know where to begin, but fear not - Nintendo of Europe has taken the liberty of compiling a list of the 10 most popular courses this week. Check them out and let us know which one if your personal favourite by posting a comment at the end.

Wall Jump Challenge #2


Medium Difficulty

Designed by BigM from Canada

Wall-jumping is just one of the many skills that players should want to master if they wish to help rescue the Princess. With some suspenseful jumps and good timing needed to succeed, this course is a worthy challenge.

Weird Mario's Weird Adventure



Medium Difficulty

Designed by Matt from the US

This course is a fun journey that does a great job of showing off some of Weird Mario's skills and provides him

an adventure all his own.

P switch and puzzle


Easy Difficulty

Designed by CheeseCake from France

Get your thinking caps at the ready! This is a course that replaces platforming with some clever puzzling, and sees you trying to get all of the P Switches in order to reach the end.

Donkey Kong Jr.

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Medium Difficulty

Designed by Lo Snupo from Italy

With plenty of vines to climb, enemies to avoid, and tense moments to enjoy, this course is a fitting tribute to one of Mario's earliest adversaries.

Spooky Ruins


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Clix from the UK

This is a great choice for players looking for something spookier for Halloween. Can you keep clear of the Boos and make your way out of the 'Spooky Ruins'?

Fix It/Wreck It Mario



Medium Difficulty

Designed by Drako from the US

Combining appearances from Dr. Mario and Big Mario, this course lets each Mario unleash their constructive and destructive sides in equal measure.

Anima's Ghost House


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Dark Anima from the UK

A haunted house full of Boos and Dry Bones will keep you on your toes as they threaten to stop you making your way through the labyrinth of 'Animas Ghost House'.

Airship Raid


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Duck from the US

Hoist the vine-covered sails and charter a journey to 'airship raid'! Take to the skies with some tense platforming action as you try to make your way past Bowser's Airship fleet.

Pit of 10 Trials


Hard Difficulty

Designed by Ndude from Netherlands

This collection's hardest challenge this week comes from 'Pit of 10 Trials'. With a fine-tuned difficulty curve, this is an endurance course that will test your puzzle and platforming skills to the limit.

Course of the Week

Flaming Ice Castle


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Basmothel from the US

Course of the Week: 'Flaming Ice Castle' features some great puzzles that require players to really think about how to use Bowser's Bob-omb army to surpass all obstacles and reach the end intact.