You must play Sega Saturn!

The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed some new additions to the Project X Zone 2 roster, and there's one newcomer who will be familiar to hardcore Sega fans.

Segata Sanshiro - played by Kamen Rider star Hiroshi Fujioka - was a fictional spokesperson for Sega during the Saturn era whose catchphrase was "You Must Play Sega Saturn" and even appeared in his own game. He only featured in Japanese commercials but his fame spread outside of his homeland as western importers latched onto the amusing adverts - some of which you can watch below, along with English subtitles.

Our personal favourite is the final one, which aired when Sega had confirmed the Dreamcast was replacing the Saturn. It shows a missile being shot at Sega's Japanese HQ, only to be grabbed in mid-air by Sanshiro, who then rides it into space where it explodes, presumably killing him.

As well as Sanshiro-san, Famitsu has confirmed that Captain Commando (from the Capcom side-scrolling fighter of the same name), June Lin Milliam (from the cult Capcom 3D fighter Star Gladiator, and its sequel, Plasma Sword) and Tekken's Heihachi Mishima will also feature in the forthcoming 3DS title.