When Nintendo announced DS games for the Wii U Virtual Console quite some time ago, many reacted with variations of "huh", "erm" and "that's weird". Yet it has worked reasonably well in many cases, with the GamePad screen and TV having various configurations to get the most out of these previously portable titles.

It also gives gamers a chance to catch up on games they may have missed, and a new release in Japan today has certainly caught our attention. Metroid Prime: Hunters is included in today's update in the country, so if you have a Japanese Wii U you're in luck.

Though it's a portable entry in the Prime series that caused hearty debate - Metroid Prime: Federation Force will no doubt also start some arguments when it actually arrives - it's fondly remembered by many, and was considered pretty impressive at the time. Way back in 2006 we were positively giddy about it in our review. We should bear in mind, however, that the VC version will likely be single player only, excluding the multiplayer content.

In any case, hopefully the Western release isn't far away. Do you want to pick this up on Wii U?