Earlier in the summer talk emerged of a new Pokémon that was revealed as part of a teaser during the new 'mon movie that's out now in Japan. We only had some sketches to go on, but 'green blob' seemed to sum up its form nicely.

Serebii has dug up an image this weekend, though, which gives us a look at it. It is, indeed, a green blob; we're sure more will emerge in the weeks to come.

Screenshot (148).png
Image: Serebii

There's been a bit of movement with Pokémon Shuffle, too. If you like plugging in codes for freebies, first of all, you can now input 07073180 to get 1 Attack Power item.

Meanwhile, the full release of Pokémon Shuffle on mobile is due in August in Japan; a beta has been running for some in July, apparently. It'll be interesting to see how the smart device version performs in comparison to the 3DS original.

As for the green blob - can anything stop it?

[source serebii.net]