Plague of Shadows.png

Shovel Knight was a gem of a download release in 2014 (2015 in Europe), marking an impressive début for Yacht Club Games. It scooped various Game of the Year awards courtesy of its blend of pixel-based visuals and outstanding gameplay.

Of course, it originated on Kickstarter, with the campaign being such a success that a host of stretch goals were included. One of the promised extras was the Plague of Shadows expansion, a free update that'll have a new playable campaign that's a twist on the original.

The good news is that it shouldn't be far away. A notice sent to backers has confirmed that the update's development was finished on 5th August, and it's currently going through submission processes for various platforms. A release date announcement should come "very, very soon".

To celebrate there's an impressive new trailer, which shows it off in glorious 60fps.

In addition the Challenge Mode, another Kickstarter stretch goal that'll come to all owners of the game, will feature at Nintendo's upcoming PAX Nindie event.

Are you excited about this update, or still to get in on the Shovel Knight action? Let us know.