Following reports from sources and some social media mess-ups, Nintendo and Yacht Club Games revealed the Shovel Knight amiibo at a Nindies event in Seattle. It's an interesting arrival on multiple levels - it'll be the first 'Nindie' amiibo, and there'll be Nintendo-only content for Shovel Knight locked behind the figure's NFC chip.

You can bet we'll be looking into that in some editorial content, but in the meantime it's worth noting that eager fans in the UK and Australia can already put down pre-orders for the amiibo ahead of its arrival; it's dated for 27th November in the UK and 'TBC' in Australia.

Shovel Knight amiibo.png

The retailers in question are GAME in the UK and EB Games in Australia. At the time of writing we can't find it at other major UK-based retailers or on any North American store websites; we'll keep an eye out in case this changes.

Your humble UK-based writer happens to love Shovel Knight and has placed a pre-order, but will go on a Twitter rampage if it goes the way his Splatoon amiibo pre-order did earlier this year.

Are you planning to pre-order one of these, and do you reckon Shovel Knight amiibo will have decent stock or join the ranks of those that are mere myths, whispers on the street of figures once seen? Hopefully it'll be the former.

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