Earlier this week we shared updated rumours and details from sources suggesting that Shovel Knight may be on the way to Super Smash Bros., to be accompanied by a special amiibo. While it's still not confirmed whether the character will come to the brawler, the amiibo has now been outed.

The @GAMEBrighton store's Twitter account (in the UK) posted the following tweet - since removed - which we understand was shared too early.

Shovel Knight amiibo.png

The details confirm that it'll unlock content in Shovel Knight on both Wii U and 3DS, and in future Yacht Club Games titles on Nintendo hardware. As you can see it's set for release on 27th November in the UK with pre-orders to open on 28th August, assuming the tweet was supposed to go live today; in light of the tweet being deleted 'tomorrow' could be further down the line.

We'll keep an eye out for more details around this amiibo and see whether talk of the character being in Super Smash Bros. is accurate; the packaging doesn't have the Smash Bros. logo, so that's still uncertain.

Are you excited about this amiibo?