Club Nintendo is now shut down in North America, but will keep on rolling in Europe and Australia until 30th September. With user star collections no doubt dribbling down, there continue to be new rewards offered to tempt gamers to clean out their accounts.

The latest addition is an updated Game Card case, which is suitable for 3DS and DS cartridges - available in Europe for 1750 stars and Australia for 1000 stars, it has three neat reversible sleeves.

Holding up to 18 Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS Game Cards, this handy carry case comes with three reversible sleeves: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess/The Wind Waker, New Nintendo 3DS logo and cover plates/ABXY Buttons, and classic Super Mario Bros. icons on white/blue.

Game Card1
Game Card 2
Game Card 3
Game Card 4

Are any of you PAL territories tempted to splash out on this?

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