Nindies @ Home

The [email protected] Wii U eShop promotion arrived in North America and Europe last month, but was noticeably absent in Australia and New Zealand on launch day due to local classification laws.

Nintendo Australia released the following statement via Facebook explaining it was at the time working with developers to make the promotion happen:

The [email protected] programme has been announced by Nintendo in North America and Europe, where fans can access free preview versions of nine Nindie games from Nintendo eShop for Wii U for a limited time.

Down Under, unlike America and Europe, game demos need to be officially classified before their release, therefore in this region we require more time for these titles to be made available.

We are currently working with the developers to make it happen in Australia and New Zealand.

We thank you for being patient. Please stay tuned for further

The good news is Nintendo Australia has now sorted the matter out, and the [email protected] promotion will launch in both Australia and New Zealand tomorrow.

Three different preview titles will be available to download for free each week until 20th August, and once the full games launch, players who have previously participated in the [email protected] promotion will be given one month to save 15 percent in price on the final versions of each game.

From tomorrow until the 6th August, forma.8, Runbow and Extreme Exorcism will be available. From 7th August to 13th August Lovely Planet, RIVE and Typoman will be available. And finally, Freedom Planet, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge and Soul Axiom will be available from 14th August to 20th August.

Let us know in the comments if you’re excited about this promotion, and which of these games you plan to purchase when the final versions are released.