Just imagine...

Boy, Capcom really doesn't seem to have a clue what to do with Mega Man right now. The Blue Bomber's 25th birthday came and went with whimper, and the biggest news relating to the character in recent memory is that he'll be starring in a TV series - but not until 2017, when he celebrates 30 years in the business.

While Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune puts the finishing touches to Mega Man spiritual successor Mighty No. 9, his original robot hero is languishing in the shadows; his last proper adventure was Mega Man 10 on WiiWare, and that feels like a long, long time ago now.

However, things could be changing. According to the folks behind the Mega Man Boardgame Kickstarter, there's a new boss in charge of all things Mega Man at Capcom. This mysterious - and as yet, unnamed - producer is responsible for signing off on anything relating to the character, which suggests he or she is primarily concerned with merchandising - at least at this present moment in time.

Still, there's no harm in speculating - even though this kind of thing usually ends in disappointment as far as Mega Man is concerned. Perhaps the hiring of a new producer could mean we'll be seeing Mega Man star in those pesky things he was initially famous for - what are they called again? Oh yeah, VIDEO GAMES.

But knowing our luck, it will probably be another tissue holder to mop up those inevitable tears of dismay.

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