E3's doors technically open on 16th June, but the event itself is well underway. Nintendo's already played a notable part with the Nintendo World Championships 2015, an event which showed fantastic footage of Super Mario Maker and even revealed the Metroid-style Blast Ball on the 3DS.

Today's a big day for Nintendo's competitors, especially, with Sony and Microsoft gearing up for their big presentations, while a number of third-parties are also plotting events.

We won't be live streaming / blogging Sony and Microsoft - though you should head over to Push Square and Pure Xbox for those - and we'll also skip EA because, well, it's EA.

There are a few treats coming today for Nintendo fans, however, and we'll give these the usual live stream / blog / chat treatment here on Nintendo Life. Below are the times you need; as usual our articles will go live a little before these broadcasts.

Super Mario Maker

LEGO Dimensions & Nintendo Power Half-Hour - 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK / 8pm CET until noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm UK / 9pm CET - YouTube Live

Part of YouTube's full day of live coverage, the first half an hour in this slot will feature LEGO Dimensions, which is a major release to look forward to later in the year. The second half an hour is all Nintendo, with game demos promised; we'd expect Super Mario Maker and Blast Ball to be likely candidates, while interviews related to the Nintendo World Championships are on the cards.

We'll keep the stream running beyond the Nintendo segment, however, as début footage is then promised of the new game from PlatinumGames - our friends at Pure Xbox had the pre-reveal exclusive on that, if you're curious.

Ubisoft Press Conference - 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern / 11pm UK / midnight CET

It's a Nintendo Life tradition for your humble writer to have a beer, disengage his busy brain that's worried about E3 content and make a load of jokes during the Ubisoft press release. Goodness knows it serves up enough material to entertain us, with new levels of cringe-worthy moments to delight us every year. Plus there'll be a Just Dance game coming to the Wii U, because of course there is.

Beyond that there may be some further interest - perhaps we'll see the Child of Light sequel that'll hopefully make it to the eShop, while the rumours of ZombiU coming to other systems is ripe for U2 memes and weirdness.

Some fun to be had today, be sure to hit up Nintendo Life to see it all go down live.