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Analogue Interactive's Analogue Nt has completed its initial production run and is now shipping out to consumers.

The aluminium-cased console - which plays NES and Famicom carts - comes from the same company which gave us the wooden SNK Neo Geo AES and features a wide range of AV outputs - including an upscaled HD signal.

The system is such a labour of love that its maker feels its comparable to the high-quality work of camera-manufacturer Leica:

With the Analogue Nt beginning to ship last week - we're thrilled to reveal a complete look at what is inside. The NES is the most iconic video game system of all time — a pivotal part of video game history. We created the Analogue Nt to experience this pivotal part of gaming history with the quality and justice it deserves.

We went through an incredible amount of effort to produce a product at this quality — we've always looked up to the standards of companies like Leica — and our ethos as a company is to be somewhat of a Leica of video game hardware. We think the Nt has achieved a remarkable level of quality — something never before seen in video games.

We'll be reviewing the Analogue Nt in the not-too-distant future. Have you placed an order for one of these unique consoles? Let us know with a comment.

[source analogueinteractive.com]