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It's not that long ago that Unity Technologies unveiled Unity 5, the latest major upgrade in the widely used game engine. It brings improved development capabilities and the potential for more detailed visuals.

Unveiling a new engine doesn't mean immediate support for all confirmed platforms, however, as these can take time to come together.

The process is underway for the Wii U, however, with a version 5 build reportedly now available in beta form for those developers that want to work on bringing their Unity projects to the system. The key reference is to beta, of course, as it's not yet ready for a final roll out. The suggested timeline is that any games being submitted prior to Fall / Autumn will need to be done so in the previous version of Unity (4.3), so we're looking at a bit of a wait before the first Unity 5 supported games reach the eShop.

As for the New Nintendo 3DS Unity support, that will also use Unity 5, though we have no timeline as yet for that.

Ultimately, by the end of the year we may see further 'Nindie' support from those that have stepped up to the latest version of Unity.

[source nintendoeverything.com]