Nintendo of America occasionally throws some extra details into its Nintendo Download Update press release, one of which is promoting a current Splatoon sweepstakes on Miiverse. It's one for creative gamers that fancy sharing a drawing for the shooter on the social network, and it's running until 30th June. Three weekly draws will be made to find artists that'll each win a copy of the game.

The DL update also shared the fact there'll be a Best Buy StreetPass Event running from 29th to 31st May in all Best Buy stores in the US and Canada; this is to celebrate the Nintendo World Championships 2015 qualifiers. No more details have been given at the time of writing, so we suspect it's simply an opportunity to grab a batch of hits from the free Wi-Fi source in the stores.

So there you have it, a couple of extra events and happenings right now in North America. Will you be producing a Splatoon drawing or heading to your local Best Buy for some StreetPass hits?