It was only recently that Square Enix announced a port of Dragon Quest VIII for the 3DS, continuing its efforts to tap into that PS2-era nostalgia for the franchise. That announcement was only for Japan, however, and we still haven't seen localisation of Dragon Quest VII yet in the West.

Still, we can always watch the Square Enix E3 presentation in forlorn hope in June, dreaming of a Dragon Quest VII / Dragon Quest VIII double release in the West - it may be unlikely, but we can dream.

In any case, some images have arrived of a rather snazzy promotional poster for the latest upcoming release, with the artwork incorporating new characters Gerda and Morrie; these will no doubt be at the core of fresh scenarios being added to this version. The poster also shows a couple of screens, too.

DQ8 Poster
DQ8 Screens

Are you still hopeful that these 3DS Dragon Quest remakes will make it to the West, or have you given upthem ever being officially localised?

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