Xenoblade Chronicles X Skells

Since the recent Japanese release of Xenoblade Chronicles X plenty of Wii U gamers have been patiently awaiting its launch in the West. Famitsu was the first to review Xenoblade Chronicles X, giving it a pretty solid score of 34 / 40. Since its highly anticipated Japanese release we have been inundated with new information including the paid DLC pack and the release of Skell merchandise.

Once again Famitsu has taken it upon itself to get the scoop on the new Skells, also known as Dolls - they're the mechs that form a central part of the game; the Japanese magazine had the chance to interview Xenoblade Chronicles X's Executive Director, Tetsuya Takahashi. It's been said that quite a few designers were set the task of designing the Skells, and Takahashi-san gladly explains why.

There are two big reasons. First, there are several forces with their own culture. We wanted to give each force and corporation their unique characteristic similar to how the designs of Toyota and Nissan differ, although both of them are Japanese cars. The other reason is that there are many different equipment in this game and it would be hard for one designer to create them all. That is why we asked several designers to work with us.

This sounds like a simple way of working, but obviously creates remarkable results. Maybe this is the reason why the Skells have been equipped with an array of super weapons?

Super weapons are very powerful weapons but they aren't easy to obtain. They were implemented as an objective which keeps the player motivated after obtaining a Skell, but we also wanted to create strong weapons and weapons which change the silhouette of a Skell. Please obtain them and use them for the changed appearance and powerful attacks.

If you haven't already heard, Xenoblade Chronicles X is also utilising what they call a "Treasure Deal". Basically, the feature will allow you exchange equipment within your squad and with potential friends online.

I don't know how much the Treasure Deal will be used, but for us it's one chance to turn players' companionship into friendship. If you become friends, you can join the same Squad and challenge Squad quests.

A release date has still not emerged for the West, but hopefully it will not evade us for much longer.

In the West, we have had quite a few opportunities to view specific elements of the game, but what do you think of it so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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