Over the course of its life, the SNES hosted several legendary RPGs, such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, and Earthbound. These are just a few examples of how the RPG genre really came into its own in this generation, stepping out of the rather awkward and simplistic experiences that were available on the NES and creating games that could truly withstand the test of time. Still, it's a pretty safe bet that for every game that went on to become successful, there was another that just never quite got the traction it needed to reach completion.

Unseen64 recently posted some screens of a cancelled game called Brimstone that was one of these casualties. Brimstone was to be a project developed for Taito by a studio called Teknocrest, which as it would happen, never actually managed to get a single game released. Unseen64 somehow managed to get in touch with the only programmer that worked on the project and he had this to say:

Yeah it was basically another RPG that Teknocrest "promised" to make for Taito.

Funny thing is they had all this artwork, but no programmer. So I was hired to make a SNES "demo" of Brimstone.

Anyways I made something up in about a week, and Taito greenlighted the project.

But about a month later they decided to put Brimstone on hold and put priority on porting Lufia….and it all went downhill from there…

The screens that resulted from this demo were preserved in the portfolio of Arnold Ayala, the lead artist on the project, and they are included below. As you can see, this was an excellent looking game; the detail that went into the environments is quite staggering. It really is a shame this never got to see the light of day, as it certainly looks as though it would've been something special.