CIRCLE Entertainment remains one of the most active publishers on the 3DS eShop, often localising some promising games from Japan for Western audiences; it appears to be doing that once again with the conceptually enticing Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden-.

Originally developed by Sakura Flamingo Laboratory, this is a "3D vertical shoot 'em up", promising over 100 missions and the ability to customise your ship in areas such as shields, shots, and even swords. Abilities level up with progress and there'll be branching paths and multiple endings.

On paper that sounds rather fabulous, and it's not long until we'll know whether it delivers on its promise - it'll arrive on the North America eShop this week (30th April) for $6.99, though a European release is TBA.

You can see the intro cinematic and some screens below. Are you tempted by this one?