Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden-

Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden- (3DS eShop)


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User Ratings: 3

Our Review: 5/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Shooter
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  • 30th Apr 2015, $6.99
  • 2nd Jul 2015, £4.79

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Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden- Screenshot
Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden- Screenshot
Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden- Screenshot
Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden- Screenshot


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    ​Not exactly the beast

    The "shmup" genre is relatively niche but is also, among its devoted fans, one of the great pleasures in gaming. It's a difficult genre to create games for, however, as the nature of the gameplay is rather limited and simple, with innovations being hard to come by. After all, there's only so many ways one can pull off...

About The Game

Two sisters escape their fate as research subjects and fight to survive using aircrafts of war.

Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden- is a 3D vertical shoot 'em up game. This game allows players to design their own aircraft by letting them choose which weapons and items they take with them into battle.

The player's aircraft can use shields, different shots, bombs, and swords. Each of these will also level up the more they're used and increase in power. Additional weapons and items will unlock as the player progresses, as well.

Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden- features over 100 missions to complete along with a number of achievements in addition to boss battles.

Unlike other, traditional shooting games, Karous' mission system gives the player the freedom to follow multiple, branching paths which can lead to different endings.