It may not be an official Year of Bowser, but March is certainly the Month of Bowser courtesy of Mario Party 10 arriving on Wii U. With the Bowser Mode being an integral part in distinguishing this entry from its many predecessors, it's little surprise that marketing in Japan, Europe and North America is focusing on the lovable rogue of an enemy - yes, this writer's a big fan of the King of the Koopas.

Nintendo of America, for its part, is continuing its support of the annual Kids Choice Awards in the US by sponsoring the event once again, this time using it as an opportunity to promote the latest party game on Wii U. The following commercial has been released, and will no doubt feature when the awards take place on 28th March - it shows Bowser getting doused in goo, so what's not to love?

As a bonus, below is a video posted earlier this week that we skipped up to now, which showcases the booth for the Puzzle & Dragons double release that was shown off at PAX East.

Unfortunately the second video only features Bowser very briefly - we can't be winners all the time.