The rules of Super Mario 64 are well known. Jump, flip, and swim through treacherous levels to collect the shimmering power star at the end; speedrunners take this premise to the extreme. They collect all 120 power stars in as fast a time as possible, using precise jumps and taking advantage of various glitches. Speedrunner akira6072525 has taken this idea one step further, beating the entire game in 6 minutes and 58 seconds.

They use a glitch that allows them to skip to every Bowser fight in the game. After tossing the koopa king around in each boss fight, the game can be beat without collecting a single star.

Players have been displaying their mastery of Super Mario 64 for years and this run shows that there are still many incredible feats to pull off, even 19 years later.

Akira6072525's entire 7 minute run can be viewed below.