MP10 Bowser

While it's not quite on the scale of a 3D Mario, Metroid or Legend of Zelda release, there's clearly a decent audience keen to grab new Mario Party titles when they arrive. The Wii U release of Mario Party 10 seems to be a case-in-point, as it's enjoyed a pretty decent first two weeks in the UK charts.

In its launch week the Wii U exclusive secured 6th place in the UK all-format charts, which is rather decent considering the various multi-platform titles surrounding it - in fact, it was the second highest debut for the franchise in the UK, only coming behind Mario Party 8 on Wii. In this week's results it's held its position fairly well - it's dropped to a respectable 11th in the all-format results.

Looking down through the remainder of this week's UK top 40, a number of ever-green releases have fallen away, and unfortunately Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate can only just squeak into the single format top 40. There are a few titles enduring in the all-format results, though - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS is 27th, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D is 30th, and Tomodachi Life is still hanging around in 38th place.

Overall we're pleasantly surprised that Mario Party 10 has shifted some reasonable units in the UK; there are bigger arrivals to come, too.