Wake your kid up, it's go time

Perhaps you've been tapping around the menus in Pokémon Shuffle, maybe while waiting for that clock to tick agonizingly down, second by second, so you can get another shot at that Espeon because you need it but hey no it's not like you're addicted or anything haha that would just be totally ridiculous ahahahaha!

Anyway, you might have wondered about the "Passcodes" feature and how it might come into play. Now, courtesy of Pokémon Get☆TV, we have our first to try out! Just head into Passcodes and enter the following number: 20150007.

This code should work worldwide and provide two Mega Start power-ups. If you have a Pokémon with an evolution stone in your lineup, one of these items will allow it to start the match fully buffed up. The gift has an in-game value of 4,000 coins and can help make you more ready to take on Pokémon that might be causing you trouble, like that smug-faced, board-constipating Espe-oh! The code is valid until 30 April, so be sure to enter it before then.

Have you felt the need to use power-ups while playing Pokémon Shuffle? Let us know!

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