Zombie Infestation

Earlier today Zombie Incident popped up in the European Nintendo Download Update, and we were mainly struck by its somewhat dramatic premise. We didn't know much about the actual game, however.

Publisher CoderChild has filled us in, however, and it's a rather intriguing project. It was originally developed by a team including NeneFranz in 2011 for a contest, in which multiple games were developed on retro hardware. It won MSXdev'11 which, as the name suggests, challenged teams to create games that would run on an MSX system - the MSX was a big deal in Japan prior to Nintendo's Famicom, and even played host to the first Metal Gear game.

As such this is a platformer rooted in an 8-bit retro vibe, albeit with the modern addition of online leaderboards. It's a small game - hence the €1.99 / £1.99 price tag - and looks to have relatively simple but fast-paced platforming at its core as you try and collect eight stars. It's also coming to North America soon, with a current target of 5th March.

You can see a trailer below, and our curiosity has certainly been piqued - check it out and let us know what you think.