Hexer Screen 1

In case you haven't picked up on the pattern, Atlus has been revealing one new character class for its upcoming 3DS game, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, about every week for the past month or so. This week is no different and it brings the reveal of the Hexer class.

The Hexer is a class that primarily functions around inflicting negative status ailments on enemies through the use of, well, hexes. Debuffs, poison, confusion, and paralysis are all tools of the trade; with presumably countless more to add as the character progresses. This should act as a nice support class to back up front line fighters like the Landsknecht.

As always, here's some footage and screens of the character in action, showing off its various curses:

Hexer Screen 2
Hexer Screen 3
Hexer Screen 4
Hexer Screen 5

Etrian Mystery Dungeon is due out in North America on 7th April, while Europeans are still waiting for a release date. Will you be picking this up at launch? What do you think of the Hexer class?