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Japanese toy manufacturer The Good Smile Company is at it again, crafting yet more wonderful additions for our figurine collections whilst leaving our wallets a little more threadbare. Nintendo fans have already been treated with Mario, Luigi, Toon Link, Isabel, Kirby and Pokémon Trainer Red being made into adorable Nendoroid forms, and now - a true champion will be joining their ranks.

Pokémon's Sinnoh Champion Cynthia, known for her role in the Elite four in the Pokémon Diamond & Pearl and Pokémon Platinum games, will be joining Trainer Red as the second Nendoroid in the Pokémon line. An unexpected choice but certainly not a bad one, as Cynthia looks adorable in her chibi form. Like all Nendoroids, Cynthia comes with a number of accessories and interchangable parts including a Pokéball, two facial expressions and her signature Pokémon - Garchomp.

Pokemon Center Cynthia Garchomp Nendoroid Figure2 500 X500
Cynthia Nendo

Being an exclusive item to the Japanese Pokémon Centre, expect pre-orders of Cynthia to go quickly, and prices to soar following the initial release. Pokémon Trainer Red (which was also a Pokémon Centre exclusive) now goes for around £110 on Amazon, for example.

Although not available until July 27th, pre-orders for Cynthia are available now over on, where she will cost you $99.99. Will you be adding Cynthia to your collection, or were you hoping for a different character from the Pokémon Universe? Let us know, as usual, in the comments below.

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