Nintendo Quest!

In a digital era of eShoppery and Virtual Consolitude, do people still want to see a documentary about hunting for old, gray NES carts on a road trip? Well, yes. Yes, they do.

The Nintendo Quest Kickstarter ended this past weekend with a grand total of $40,286. The goal set by the campaign was $1,000, with the project already mostly complete. The Kickstarter was seen as an opportunity to "pre-order" the film and make finishing touches.

The film follows Jay Bartlett as he takes on a challenge to collect the entire NES library in 30 days without online purchases. Many retro musings are had on the way, with figures such as Tommy Tallarico and Billy Mitchell lending their two cents as well.

The campaign blew past its $25,000 goal of producing an NES game based on the movie, and a $35,000 goal to add a game manual and overworld map was achieved as well. Backers who chipped in $50 or more will be receiving this unique item, which filmmaker Rob McCallum says is currently expected in late 2016. The movie itself is expected much sooner, with McCallum hoping to have physical copies ready in June or July of this year. This would have them available in time for screenings that are scheduled across the United States and Canada.

Were you a backer of Nintendo Quest? Are you eager to see where this retro journey leads? Let us know!