Nintendo Quest

A couple weeks ago we told you about the Kickstarter campaign for Nintendo Quest, a chance to pre-order and support a documentary on trying to amass the entire NES library from brick and mortar stores. The campaign has been doing quite well, scoring more than $12,000 at the time of this post, and the crew behind the documentary has posted a new stretch goal: an NES game based on a documentary about finding NES games.

According to the Kickstarter page, the game will be made reality upon reaching $25,000 and given to all backers of $50 or more. The exact details of the game are still apparently being hashed out, but the current idea is "a fun adventure-type game, with a few RPG and action elements." Nintendo Quest has teamed up with the project lead of The New 8-bit Heroes to work on this possibility, which seems a reasonable choice. The New 8-bit Heroes is making an NES game and a documentary of their own, so the two crews have a lot in common.

Nintendo Quest currently has more than 2 weeks to go on its Kickstarter, so $25,000 certainly isn't outside the realm of possibility. Are you interested in seeing a Nintendo Quest game, as the Kickstarter page says, "in all its plastic glory"?