Last year we interviewed Rob McCallum, the man behind the NES Club, about his planned documentary to follow "Jay Bartlett, as he tries to amass the entire NES library (NTSC retail games) in 30 days with no online purchases". Beyond the road trip vibe the film is aiming to highlight and explore retro gaming culture and Nintendo / NES history.

The project is now pretty much finished, and McCallum has been in touch with us to announce that he'll be running a fresh Kickstarter campaign from 6th January for those that essentially want to 'pre-order' the film or have one of a range of physical rewards. As distribution is likely to be digital-only for general consumers, the Kickstarter will offer the following physical rewards (and more) as options - should the funding target be hit.

  • A Chance to Host an Advanced Screening of the Nintendo Quest
  • Special Edition DVD and Blu-Ray with Extra Content
  • An Expanded Soundtrack of Original 8-bit Music
  • NES-replica Boxes, Cartridges, and Disc Bundle

Gaming celebrities such as Tommy Tallarico, Carrie Swidecki, Todd Rogers and Billy Mitchell will be in the movie, and we're keen to see how this road-trip and look back at the NES turns out.

We'll be sure to share the Kickstarter link when it goes live; are you looking forward to this documentary movie?

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