New environments!

As we just recently reported, there's an incoming expansion to the 2012 eShop hit, Mutant Mudds. Mutant Mudds was a critically and commercially successful “12-bit" platformer that won the hearts of many with its inspired visuals, chiptune music and smart level design. Talented players that successfully managed to complete the punishingly difficult Granny-themed DLC were treated to a teaser of some sort, evidently referencing this title.

In the latest issue of Nintendo Force, an article was dedicated to the anticipated expansion. Keen to emphasise that this game is not Mutant Mudds 2, Jools Watsham - Renegade Kid's lead - detailed that this was rather like a “stepping stone"; not quite DLC, but not enough to be a sequel. Fans can look forward to forty brand new stages, an extremely tough difficulty level and five unique worlds. One notable new feature is that secret pathways will be introduced, with Max being able to pass behind certain walls to discover hidden collectibles. The story will pick up where the first game left off, though we'll leave that spoiler free if you're yet to get to the end.

No release date is set yet, but the game is expected in “the next few months". We'll keep you posted when more information comes out. Are you excited for this? Were you a fan of Mutant Mudds? Sound off in the comments below.

Nintendo Force is currently close to funding its next year of subscriptions in its Kickstarter campaign.

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