This week's announcement of an early New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador promotion in Europe certainly rocked the boat, offering select Club Nintendo members an opportunity to pick up a system before its release date has even been announced. It was exciting for those lucky enough to be included but frustrating for those left out; oddly, some have been able to log in to the special product pages with their Club Nintendo credentials when they couldn't do so before, even when an email invitation hasn't been received.

It's not happening for everyone, however. We checked five accounts that weren't eligible when emails were issued earlier this week - two successfully logged to the product page, while three were still informed that they were ineligible. For those that could now get in the system was able to be ordered, and there are some on NeoGaf reporting that they've gone through and received order confirmations. Intriguingly, while our lucky new Ambassadors had access without an email, some in that same Gaf thread are stating that a fresh wave of emails has been sent out.

Even more bizarrely - and to explain the past tense in that last paragraph - both of our testers that got in without an email are now blocked with the usual message saying they're not eligible, even though just minutes prior to publishing this article they could select and in theory buy the system.

In terms of what's going on, we've contacted Nintendo which has simply said, from its perspective, "the process hasn't changed", citing potential delays in emails to some - by that same token, it's possible that emails and access for some have been delayed. As we've stated above, however, for every new Club Nintendo member with access, there appear to be many more that are still unable to access the bundle's purchase pages.

If you're in Europe we can only suggest that you check your emails once again. If there's no email you can use the links below to access a login page, but be warned that this access without an email appears to have been shut down; if you're still not eligible, you'll get no further.

UK -

Europe -

Good Luck!

Thanks to RupeeClock for the heads up.