Don't open the case!

Given the massive popularity of video gaming and its long and proud history, it's hardly surprising that many rare games are fetching incredible prices when them come up for sale online. However, Bandai's 1987 NES title Stadium Events makes pretty much everything else look like chump change.

The title saw a very limited release alongside Bandai's Family Fun Fitness mat peripheral before Nintendo stepped in and snapped up the North American rights, rebranding the title World Class Track Meet and bundling it with the Power Pad. Practically every copy of Stadium Events was recalled, and as a result it's one of the rarest video games of all time, and copies have recently changed hands for more than $40,000.

That total could be eclipsed by another copy of the game which -- as well as being factory sealed -- has been graded by the Video Game Authority in Georgia for official grading, verification and authentication. The seller has stated that they used to work at Nintendo, and have had this sealed copy since the '80s.

At the time of writing the auction is already at $33,200 and has six days remaining. Are you tempted to remortgage the house and place a bid?

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