Sets another record so effortlessly

Some of you may be aware that an auction on eBay several weeks ago saw an old NES bundled with some random games sell for a staggering $13,105 USD (approx. £8,744 GBP). That's because one of the games was a copy of Stadium Events; a track and field sports title from Bandai.

What's so special about Stadium Events, you may ask? Released across Japan, North America, and Europe between 1986 and 1988 it was one of the first titles that utilised The Family Fun Fitness mat as the primary control method. Production copies were limited before Nintendo stepped in and bought the American rights, renaming it World Class Track Meet and bundling it with the Power Pad, which makes the pre-rebranded game one of the rarest across all platforms.

A few days ago, a new listing has sold for over three times the amount compared to the previous auction. Yep, it was Stadium Events again. The auction only lasted 10 days but that was more than enough to gather the attention of collectors. The seller had listed the item with a start price of $0.99 USD but amazingly, it took just twenty three minutes for the bids to reach four-figure numbers. Eight hours into the auction and the bids had reached five-figure numbers. When the auction ended last week, the bid that won the item was a massive $41,300 USD (approx. £27,545 GBP). What makes this an even bigger seller than the console bundle has undoubtedly got to be the fact that it's still factory-sealed and relatively "new".

So what's the lesson here? Do a quick search on the Internet before selling off old video game junk. You might be in possession of a game that people are willing for pay crazy money for.