Amiibo Box Free

Since Nintendo’s amiibo figures went on sale, Wii U owners from all corners of the globe have been searching for a way to use the first wave of characters in their games without actually removing the packaging.

As users of amiibo will know, Nintendo’s countermeasure comes in the form of a small metallic strip below the base of the plastic packaging and figurine. This stops Wii U owners from simply scanning and claiming amiibo unlocks in games, and then potentially returning the figures to the store.

While Nintendo’s current method of protection is pretty much unbeatable if you do not wish to open the box, a video from YouTube channel Somewhat Awesome Games has come up with a new approach – provided you’re willing to make a tiny little incision at the base of the packet.

Take a look at what we think is one of the best ways of using amiibo figurines and keeping them in their casing at the same time:

Let us know if you would consider this approach if you’re planning on keeping your amiibo in mint condition. Also be sure to let us know if you’ve heard or seen any other ways to use amiibo figurines without actually removing the packaging.