'Tis the season for contemplating the year, and Nintendo is joining in with its own videos to remind us that — above all else — 2014 brought us a lot of fantastic games.

The most recent video from today is a sizzle reel showing off 'fan faves' of 2014, based on over 600,000 pieces of feedback from Club Nintendo in North America. There are some excellent games across Wii U and 3DS.

Posted just recently, also, is Nintendo Minute's latest Game of the Year video. Hosts Kit and Krysta discuss their favourite Wii U games of the year this time around, but particularly fascinating is the semi-final line-up in the Game of the Year voting that readers are influencing via Twitter. There've been some interesting results, with an eShop title punching above its weight in the final four.

We'll be counting votes soon for the staff and reader Game of the Year awards, so don't forget to have your say before the polls close on 23rd December.