'Teddie, what does the scouter say about my power level?'

As the weeks count down to Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth's release in Europe and North America, Atlus has posted four new character videos featuring the two out-of-dungeon but no less important support characters, the young tough, and the dog.

Your dungeon-crawling tour guide, the ever-helpful and somewhat nervous Fuuka, has powers of farsight are once again pressed into service in Persona Q:

Your other dungeon-crawling tour guide, the outgoing former idol singer Rise, brings a flair for show business drama while lending her support to the team:

Abrasive and aggressive goth roughneck Kanji's softer side expresses itself most unexpectedly in a love of the fiber arts:

In addition to being the cuddliest member of the Persona Q cast (with the possible exception of Teddie if you're into that sort of thing), Koromaru can lay out some serious hurt and look completely improbable while doing it:

Atlus has also released a short video covering a few basic party composition tips:

Are you more confident in trying Persona Q now that you've met the dungeon support team, or are you intrigued by the party composition options and their interpersonal conversation possibilities? Start the dialogue by leaving us a comment!