3DS HOME themes were a popular arrival in a recent system update, and they continue to arrive in the Theme Shop on a regular basis. As is often the case, however, Japanese 3DS owners get a bit more content at a quicker pace; the Super Smash Bros. themes are an example, and Nintendo has now released videos of each to show what they'll have to offer.

As previously reported, these arrive in Nintendo's homeland on 8th November and will cost 200 Yen each; no Western release dates have been given yet, but we'd be amazed if they don't arrive worldwide. You can see them all below.

As a little bonus, we spotted a couple of additional themes on the official website that are out today in Japan. They'll cost 100 Yen each — the first appears to be related to Gunma no Yabou, while the second is clearly to celebrate the Cooking Mama franchise.

3 DS Theme1
3 DS Theme2

So there you have it; are any of these Super Smash Bros. themes particularly appealing now that you've seen them in action?