23 Mii

In a recent update to the official Mario Kart 8 site — that seems to have been spotted early be eager fans — Nintendo has revealed some of the first details in relation to the game's long-awaited amiibo functionality, and announced that the relevant software update will be available from November 13th.

According to the amiibo page, which is unfortunately slightly broken at time of writing as it's not formally launched, players will soon be able to customize their Mii racers with costumes based off the look of each amiibo character, though you'll need to download the update before this feature can be accessed. The list of compatible figurines includes the usual suspects from the Mario series, but also some from other Nintendo franchises, such as Star Fox, Kirby, and Samus.

It's a timely announcement, with tomorrow's Nintendo Direct hopefully set to provide a few more details, and potentially answer speculation that the software update coming next Thursday will also include November's DLC pack, which is yet to be given a firm release date; the eShop in North America does say 'late November', but that could be subject to change.

Nintendo has yet to upload any images to help visualize what these costumes might be like, but we'll be sure to update this article as soon as they do. Until then, drop us a comment to let us know whose outfit you'l be borrowing first!

Thanks to all that sent this in.

[source mariokart8.nintendo.com]