Shake, Waddle, and Roll

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse has a moldorable clay style that will attract a lot of players, but not all of them may be into the line-drawing strategies of its single-player mode. Luckily for those who desire more of a straight up platformer feel, a multiplayer mode has been announced in today's Nintendo Direct.

Up to four players can join in this new mode, with the first player controlling Kirby and the other three as bandana-sporting Waddle Dees. The player controlling Kirby will still draw lines on the GamePad and roll along as usual, but the Waddle Dees will be able to move independently and carry Kirby around. The Waddle Dees also appear capable of adapting along with the transformations Kirby undergoes in the game, or can at least pick up usable weapons and items along the way.

Amiibo compatibility was also confirmed in the North American Nintendo Direct broadcast, but exactly how the figures can connect was not divulged. Another potential mystery also hides in the game footage, when Kirby briefly takes the appearance of animal friend Rick the Hamster during his transformation into a tank. Could it indicate some form of surprise, or is it just a quick reference? North American players will be able to find out at the scheduled February release, while European players currently have to wait until later in 2015.