The horror! The horror!

We sometimes describe Mii characters as our happy, aspirational and trouble-free selves here at Nintendo Life, the embodiment of our personalities in a world where every day is a trip to the Mushroom Kingdom to share some cake with the Mario Bros. and Princess Peach. When Nintendo of America decides to represent Miis to the world, however, they use enormous foam heads that don't fit the poor actor's bodies; suddenly the vacant eyes and permanent smiles that are cute on a console take on a whole new dynamic.

If one of these walked up to you and simply looked at you, would you be charmed or a little freaked out? Remember, they don't blink.

Which brings us to the trailer for the upcoming National StreetPass Weekend in North America, celebrating Halloween and running from 31st October to 2nd November. StreetPass Weekend is like any other weekend, in reality, as you can use Nintendo Zone hotspots to get relay hits — like on any other day of the week. We imagine that StreetPass groups and Nintendo itself will, however, arrange some gatherings and special events.

No real details have been released on that score yet, but we do have the video promoting it. The theme is Halloween and, no doubt, it fits the theme. Those Mii outfits are still terrifying...