Rumour: smelt ice cream

This week's Persona Q trailers from Atlus feature two young women of the Persona Q dungeon-crawling team: both blonde, one synthetic and all entertaining. Atlus has also released the second part of USA PR manager John Hardin's behind the scenes interviews with several of Persona Q's voice actors.

Rei is the second of two characters making their debut in Persona Q, fittingly paired with the other new character and bundle of intensity, Zen. Rei has a sunny disposition, comes across as somewhat timid, and will eat anything:

Aigis rounds out the JRPG convention of one constructed humanoid per adventuring team, and does so with a lot of bullets. New to her functions in Persona Q is Orgia mode, which allows her to deal more damage for several turns at the expense of overheating:

In the second video posted of John Hardin's interviews with the voice actors of Persona Q, he chats with Amanda Winn-Lee (the voice of Yukiko Amagi) and Karen Strassman (who voices Aigis and Nanako):

The first video of Persona Q's voice actors, featuring Erin Fitzgerald (the voice of Chie) and Yuri Lowenthal (the voice of Yosuke) can be found here.

Are you wondering about the big drama hinted at in Rei's trailer? Looking forward to taking Aigis' Orgia mode for a spin? Do you think voice acting looks like fun? Fire us a comment!