Hi guys! I guess some introductions are in order. I'm Lydia and you may (or may not) know me from my YouTube channel Squid Gaming. I'm here to take on the Mario Kart 8 challenge set by those lovely folks at Nintendo Life.

Whilst dancing to the Pokemon theme tune at EGX London (I know, what was I thinking?), I bumped into the Nintendo Life crew who were holding their awesome Mario Kart 8 tournament. After telling them about my love for all things Mario they challenged me to get in shape in order to compete in next year's contest. How could I possibly resist?

To get in tip-top condition for next year I'm going to take on every Grand Prix on 150cc to see if my skills hold up. Should be a piece of cake, right? Right!?

First up — it's time for the Mushroom Cup! Future videos will see me tackle the remaining seven cups and who knows, I might even tackle the upcoming DLC courses, too!

Watch the video and let me know your tips on how I can improve before I tackle the next cup. What am I doing wrong and what could I be doing better?

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