Sqaishey, TheDiamondminecart and Stampylonghead

Yesterday we brought you the special indie developer Mario Kart 8 tournament we ran at this year's EGX, and today we've got another racing treat — a similar event which features twelve of the UK's most popular YouTube gaming stars.

The assembled challengers can call upon a combined total of over 12 million subscribers on YouTube, which might go some way to explaining the massive crowds we had around the Nintendo stand when during the contest.

Taking part were:

Minecraft expert TheDiamondMinecart won the tournament with a blistering performance, followed by TheMasterOv, MrDalekJD and TheGamingTerroriser. We ran a second YouTuber tournament later on at EGX, and will be posting a video of that in a few days — as well as footage of the official UK Mario Kart 8 Championships. In the meantime, enjoy!