Getting to Know the Spooky Residents of Persona Q's Velvet Room

A hallmark of the Persona series' gameplay returning in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, the process known as fusion allows players to create new personas through merging existing entities. Somewhere between consciousness and subconsciousness, the Velvet Room lurks, its residents waiting to help you with your madly scientific desires to create, do some recycling, get a skinned elbow looked at, or network a little.

Margaret is the chief fusion engineer and persona adjuster of the Velvet Room, and the eldest sister of the otherworldly siblings:

Theodore is the chief smith and salesman, able to make enemies' leavings into things presumably more beautiful, or, at the very least, useful:

Elizabeth is the Velvet Room's resident nurse, who can heal your wounds for a nominal fee and who takes hospitality very, very seriously:

Marie, a gum-chewing would-be poet who probably missed out on her calling as a skate punk will be your guide to all things StreetPass related:

Have you performed any particularly interesting experiments creating or mocking life, in or out of games? Have your lab assistant type in a comment below!