Monster mash

Parents can lag behind their children in their video-game consumption. A combination of a sentimental connection to games of yore and a dwindling amount of free time for their hobby often results in the kids playing new games first.

Even for a series as long standing as Pokémon, many parents simply don’t get what all the fuss is about. With Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire coming soon and a UK demo version already up for grabs via this very site, we wanted to put the theory to the test and at the same time catch one dad up with the world of Pokémon.

Our test subject started from zero in terms of Pokémon knowledge but by the end of the 30 minute demo was pretty much on board with what makes the series so enjoyable.

Maybe this was the carefully crafted demo itself — or the retro styling of this Game Boy Advance remake — either way Pokémon proved itself more than just for kids.

The demo takes you through a starting choice of Pokémon of Combusken, Grovyle and Marshtomp, before leading you into single and double battles. Along the way you'll go hunting for a mysterious mega-evolving Pokémon to add to our collection and find out what our own starter Pokémon looks like in his own Mega Evolution.

Providing that families find these demos in the eShop it seems that they are an ideal way to introduce a wider audience to the joys of games they may have missed.