'Did you say "tarot cards?"'

Atlus has finalised the contents of its upcoming brooding teenage dungeon crawler Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth's retail special editions, set to release in North America on 25th November and in Europe on 28th November.

Pictured below and serving the most angst per dollar/pound/euro, Persona Q's The Wild Cards Premium Edition offers a soundtrack CD, an art book, a Nintendo 3DS XL case with designs on the inside and outside, eleven tarot cards (said to be set #2), and a retail box copy of the game served up in a larger-than-standard collectible box.

'I want to strain your wallet.'

For the budget-minded consumer, Persona Q's Limited Standard Edition (pictured below) has a retail box copy of the game and the same eleven tarot cards (still set #2) contained in an equally collectible but somewhat smaller box.

'I'm smaller but I contain just as much existential dread.'

Are either of these editions tempting or will you be sticking with a regular retail package or download of Persona Q, if at all? Shake off that ennui and leave us a comment!

[source tinycartridge.com]