Super Famicom Mt Fuji 1

The Super Nintendo goes down in history as one of the greatest video game systems of all-time, for a variety reasons – be it the at the time revolutionary controller design, the cutting edge graphics and audio, or the stunning library of games. So how do you make one of the most legendary Nintendo consoles to ever be released even better? Put it on top of Japan’s highest mountain, of course.

And that’s exactly what a user of the Japanese web forum 2ch recently did, when he climbed Mount Fuji with his beloved Super Famicom (aka SNES). The user noted, “The feeling of nature and harmony is freakin; amazing hahahaha,” although admitted the bulkiness of the retro system was unsuitable for mountain climbing; it wasn’t necessarily an essential when it came to experiencing the famous cultural site. The heroic climber was even nice enough to post a picture of himself with the Super Famicom on top of Japan’s highest mountain, along with a can of Ashari beer to help take in the view.

Super Famicom Mt Fuji 3

(Note: 2ch user censored his own image)
Super Famicom Mt Fuji 2

Tell us below if you’ve ever taken a Nintendo home console out of its natural habitat like this. We’ll even take interesting stories about your Nintendo handhelds in weird locations if you’re stuck for ideas.