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Image: Sony Pictures

Back in the mid to late '80s, North American gamers were hooked on Nintendo, and prior to the launch of the Genesis / Mega Drive, Sega was very much locked out when it came to getting all of the juicy third-party titles.

However, there were a handful of games which made it over to Sega's 8-bit Master System console — the rival to the dominant NES — and Ghostbusters was one of them. An upgraded port of David Crane's iconic Atari 2600 title, the Sega version is arguably the best of the lot, despite the fact that it came a year before the Nintendo edition.

The NES port is infamously bad, with primitive graphics and harder gameplay, as well as a new ending with some hilarious spelling errors.

Given this information, it might seem pretty straightforward which is the best version, but we'll allow our friends over at The Sega Channel to spell it out a little more effectively.